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The best playmat for your little one

Let your little one play with a peace of mind

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Enhancing growth through play

We believe that a child develops best through free play and exploration. At, we create products that facilitate our little ones’ growth while keeping them safe from bumps, bruises, and toxic materials.

tikar by budak 

More than just a playmat. A place of security, fun and exploration, one where relationships are forged and strengthened,
and where one learns to be determined and not give up.


shock-absorbent, cushioning your little ones bumps and falls, bye bye pain and heartaches

easy clean

a damp cloth is all you need to wipe clean your tikar


versatile and comfortable for all ages, the perfect go to spot for various activities

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Tikar [Dà] - Forest
Tikar [Dà] - Forest
Tikar [Dà] - Forest
Tikar [Dà] - Forest

Tikar [Dà] - Forest

Tikar [Yuán] - Forest
Tikar [Yuán] - Forest
Tikar [Yuán] - Forest

Tikar [Yuán] - Forest

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It is so comfortable, EVERYONE utilises it

“If our house can colour track the footprints of our home, you’d find besides our home office, our living room would be the most colourful space in our home! Having tikar at our library / play area was the best investment we’ve made!

Not only is the colour and design soothing to the eyes and blends in quite beautifully with our home, but it is also soft yet sturdy, durable and best of all, easy to clean.

It is so comfortable, EVERYONE utilises it - from the little one, Ilon who finds tummy time such a joy on it - to the older children who have had their share of laughter (and tears) reading and playing, rolling about on its plush ‘cushiony effect’.

We ALL love tikar by budak.

In fact, with the looming CMCO, I’ve created many travel fantasies on it - from having indoor picnics (it is .. afterall, a (very ‘atas’) tikar ... to glamping; where the kids have spent many nights creating makeshift tents on it.

It is SO comfortable, we often have to fight for space during our afternoon siestas - it’s almost as if we don’t have bedrooms!

I’m very proud to know that this is a local brand and I’m saving up for a new tikar, just so I can have one all to myself.”

Daphne Iking

our promises

help discover learning

Here at we focus on delivering products that help our little ones explore the world around them, discover who they are and obtain invaluable skills crucial for the uncertain future they will face tomorrow.

protect little ones

We believe, for a product to be good it also has to be safe whether in terms of the materials used or the functionality of the design. This philosophy is of even more importance when it comes to a product for our little ones.

kind to the Earth

We are passionate about making quality products that are kind to the Earth by being sustainable, biodegradable and

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love your neighbours

Here at, while we discover learning, we want to extend this opportunity to our neighbours, allowing them to also have a safe space to explore and learn. 
Hence, together with the launch of our very first product, we launched our first initiative called “NEIGHBOURS”.

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