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What makes tikarbybudak playmats different?

The versatility and durability of the mat is definitely one of them. Made from a Polyurethane Foam that is non-toxic, light, biodegradable, yet durable, our tikarbybudak playmats can last a long time and is suitable for every member of the family, young and old. Best of all, they are BPA and PVC free. Our playmats have also been extensively tested and passed the European Toy Standard testing (EN 71) which makes them one of the safest children's playmats on the market.



I can’t decide which one to pick!

It depends if you would like a playmat with a cool tone or one with a warm tone. Our latest tikarbybudak ‘Nature’ series playmats offers a touch of nature to your existing home interior with the reversible design of leaves and honeycombs with two available colours – FOREST, a sage green colour and SAND, a sandy beige colour for your choice. 

What are the sizes available?

We have two sizes available; [Dà] and [Yuán]

The [Dà] size is similar to a large rug and measures 200cm x 140cm with a thickness of 1.5cm and a weight of 4.2kg.
The [Yuán] size on the other hand is a circular playmat and has a 140cm diameter, with a 1.5cm thickness and a weight of 3kg.



I want one! How much is shipping? 

Shipping fee is at a rate of RM30 per unit for West Malaysia and Sabah. For Sarawak, shipping fee is at a rate of RM100.00 per unit.

For Singapore, shipping fee is at a rate of RM150.00 per unit.

What's your delivery like?

If you are residing in West Malaysia and Sabah, your order will arrive at your doorstep within 3-5 working days and 7-14 working days for Sarawak orders. 

Do you ship internationally? 

Yes. We are currently shipping to Singapore at a rate of only RM150 per unit. For all other international enquiries, please contact us via email at hello@thebudak.co.



How do I look after our tikarbybudak playmat?

Nothing beats water! All you need is a soft damp cloth to wipe your mats down after rolling it out. When your kids spill yummies on the mat, only use a cloth and gentle, soapy cleaning detergent to wipe it. Do not use any harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning agent like bleach and alcohol as well as water wipes or baby wipes to avoid damage on the Tikar. You wouldn’t want your kids to be ingesting any harmful chemicals either. Although our Tikar are wipedown, they can still stain so be careful when consuming anything acidic like strawberries or using food colourings in messy play on the playmat. Wipe off the spillages quickly and remember to clean under the playmat regularly too. It is best to keep any heavy furniture, sharply clawed pets and some hoovers off your mat to minimise the risk of damaging your playmat. If you intend to place furnitures on top of your playmat, note that the playmat’s foam may be affected, leaving a dent which can become permanent.

If you’re still in doubt, you can always drop us an email at hello@thebudak.co.

I realise that the playmat is slightly curl up at the side when I first unpack it, is it normal? What can I do?

Yes! The edges of the playmat naturally curl as it has been rolled tightly and packaged. There may also be creases and lines but rest assured it will relax and settle. These are few handy tips you can do to quicken the process!

1. Use the playmat on the reverse side (curling down) until the playmat settles.

2. Roll the playmat in the reverse direction to how it was packaged and use the velco straps provided to hold it in position and leave it over night or longer, if possible. 

I notice the playmat is yellow at the edges. Is it faulty?

Our playmats are made out of a biodegradable, non-toxic foam. With the safety of our little ones in mind, we have refrained from using colour stabilizers and toxic plasticizers to ensure our playmats are free from harmful chemicals. This means that the colours may fade or turn yellow with time and use, especially the lighter coloured playmats and areas where they may be white.  Sunlight, heat and exposure to acidic or harsh cleaning products will quicken this process. When receiving your order, a slight yellowing may be present along the edges of your playmat. This takes place because of a heat-sealing process and considered a normal behaviour for our non-toxic eco-friendly foam. 

 Can I bring my tikarbybudak playmat to the great outdoors?

Technically you can, with the playmat being waterproof and easily rolled up, you can easily transport it anywhere and it can be easily cleaned.

Just take note that if you do use your playmat outdoors, keep an eye where you place the playmat, as any sharp, rough and hot objects like stones, sharp toys and boiling water might puncture the waterproof surface of the mat. Avoid leaving the playmat outdoor for too long under long exposure of direct sunlight too as you may experience slight discolouration on the playmat due to the nature of TPU as a biodegradable and non-toxic foam where it is within its nature to discolour slightly under high temperature. Remember to keep the playmat out of direct sunlight when not in use and refrain from using it outside in extreme temperatures.

My little one has stained the playmat, what should we do?

Don't panic! There are only two things we personally have not been able to remove- wet nail varnish and gel pen. I know it is tempting to reach for the harsher cleaners, but we really don’t recommend it. Instead, a simple bicarbonate of soda paste left on for a few hours can lift most stains. Hand soap can also be tough on stains but gentle on the playmat. Keep returning to the stain regularly with the gentle cleaning solution and it will lift.  Lucky that you have a reversible design too! 

Can I combine two playmats to form one big playmat?

Definitely. If you are thinking of purchasing more than one playmat for your area, we highly recommend purchasing them at the same time as slight colour variations will occur with age and use and between batch productions.



Can we order your baby playmats in custom colours or sizes?

The lead time to produce our baby playmats takes up to 4 months. They are produced in large numbers and unfortunately this makes it impossible for us to take custom orders or mix and match colours or designs. However, we would LOVE to hear your ideas for future designs and colour combinations though - drop us an email at support@thebudak.com.

DAN LAIN-LAIN (others) 

Do you accept stockist enquiries?

YES! If you think our product would look perfect in your store please let us know by emailing us at hello@thebudak.co.

How can we contact you?

Write to us at hello@thebudak.co. We would love to hear from you. 

Can we follow you on social media and say nice things about thebudak.co?

Of course! We would love to connect with you and see your pictures with the Tikar! You can tag us using #thebudak.co

Instagram: @thebudak.co

Facebook: thebudak.co


If your question hasn’t been answered, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at hello@thebudak.co.

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