About Us – thebudak.co

a little bit about us

Our name comes from ‘budak’ - meaning a child in Malay, the national language of Malaysia. Growing up in Malaysia, where most of us are multilingual, we tend to jumble up several languages together, or what is known as ‘bahasa rojak’ or the ‘rojak language’, and thus why thebudak.co; the budak company. Budak because we are a company focusing on products for our little ones and also because we believe that within each and everyone of us parents, there is an inner child.

our promises

help discover learning

Here at thebudak.co we focus on delivering products that help our little ones explore the world around them, discover who they are and obtain invaluable skills crucial for the uncertain future they will face tomorrow.

protect little ones

We believe, for a product to be good it also has to be safe whether in terms of the materials used or the functionality of the design. This philosophy is of even more importance when it comes to a product for our little ones

kind to the Earth

We are passionate about making quality products that are kind to the Earth by being sustainable, biodegradable and eco-friendly.

our beliefs

We founded thebudak.co to help parents alike create an environment that is safe for their little ones to explore and discover learning. Before establishing thebudak.co, as parents ourselves, we really took the time to think through and consider what a great space would look like for our kids when they are home. After much observation and thought, we realized that using minimal yet quality products was our way to go. Simple and safe.

our mission

Our mission is to inspire parents and encourage little ones to discover learning, and a well-prepared environment is absolutely essential to that. From the early newborn days, to the days where our little one grows up to be an energetic toddler and a curious child, we believe that everything we purchase has an impact, directly or indirectly on a child’s ability to learn and how they perceive the world. We also believe in the importance of good quality and versatile products that will be able to serve and grow with our little ones.

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