Product Care –

Product Care


  • I know you are excited and cannot wait to start using your mat. But first, remember to ensure that all packaging materials are removed and discarded safely.
  • Upon taking out, unroll the playmat in opposite direction to release creases.
  • Place it on a flat surface and allow time for corners to relax and settle flat to the floor. This can take a few days depending on how long the playmat has been rolled in the box.
  • Please thoroughly go through your playmat immediately upon opening. Report any imperfections including tears and marks within 48 hours post delivery.
  • Once satisfied with its condition, give it a good wipe with a soft damp cloth and warm soapy water.



  • Before you use any chemicals to clean the mat, think twice if you are perfectly fine with them coming in contact with your skin because remember your little ones will be spending a lot of their time on it, rolling, crawling, lying on the mat and maybe even licking it.
  • We highly recommend wiping the mat clean with just a soft damp cloth for everyday cleaning.
  • If in need for a thorough cleaning, simply use a little mild dish detergent to wipe down the entire mat and leave it to dry naturally / dry with a dry cloth. 
  • Alcohol based cleaning products are antimicrobial, but they are not good friends with TPU materials. Short term use may not show any /much changes however prolonged usage may cause discolouration/ weaken the material and cause easy damage.
  • This applies to baby wipes too. Most baby wipes contain fragrance stabilisers which are of alcohol functional groups that act as preservative-like properties. Prolonged usage may cause discolouration / weaken the material of the playmat and cause damage.
  • Just like how sharp objects will cut you, they may puncture the mat. So do remember to keep them away.
  • Avoid placing heavy furniture or wearing shoes on the playmat as it may cause puncture damages.
  • Avoid leaving your playmat under direct sunlight for extended periods to avoid heat damage and /or discolouration.
  • Usage of pens or permanent ink markers on the mat is not advisable.
  • Tikarbybudak playmats are designed for humans not animals so keep them away as their claws may puncture the mat.
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