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Tikar [Dà] - Pebbleleaf
Tikar [Dà] - Pebbleleaf
Tikar [Dà] - Pebbleleaf
Tikar [Dà] - Pebbleleaf

Tikar [Dà] - Pebbleleaf

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Inspired by the spectacular sunsets, sandy beaches and lush rainforest here in Sabah, we proudly introduce to you the Pebbleleaf tikar. This tikar consists of our well-loved leafy design but with a new blush colour, as well as an alternate side which is a twist on the usual terrazzo designs. This tikar will surely add warmth and style to your home. 


The Nature Pebbleleaf mats come in Dà and Yuán sizes.


Sizes & Dimensions

Tikar [Dà]: 200cm (L) x 140cm (W) x 1.5cm (H) (4.2kg)



100% sustainable and non-toxic TPU Foam (FREE from phthalates, BPA, EVA and PVC)


Safety Standards

Compliant with European EN71 Toy Standards 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Beautiful playmat

My baby loves to play on the play mat. We love the design and it matches our house very well

Happy with Tikar

There was a mix up in my order initially but it was resolved very fast by arranging a pick up and a new delivery. I like the springy foam texture and the aesthetics of the whole playmat. It's nice to lie next to my baby on the playmat while he's practising tummy time as the mat is big enough. Of course there is the added comfort in knowing it's non toxic and environmentally friendly. I am happy with the purchase. :)

A Mat Everyone Enjoys

Since my boy was born, I've been considering the Tikar,but because of its price point, I put it on hold while I explored other more affordable options. Safe to say those mats didn't endure the wear and tear of active kids, and also posed as hazards because they folded and shifted around easily. They didn't do well at protecting my kids from falls as well.

I finally gave in a couple of months ago and am so happy I did! Not only was the Tikar aesthetically pleasing, it shielded my kids from many humpty dumpty stunts. My husband and I have fallen asleep on it a couple of times because it's so comfortable and cooling. It's also easy to clean and works as a great workout mat when the kids aren't around :D

Highly recommended. You won't regret it!

Pebbleleaf Da: never too late for a good playmat

We are extremely pleased with the aesthetics and quality of Budak.co playmat. The mat minimalist design and neutral color on both side fits easily into any space, providing a calm and soothing environment. It is really soft and cushy, all family members enjoy using the mat, lying down to read, play, or jump and tumbling around. No nasty odor when we unpack. Great for a crawler, but I got it for my 5year old and it serve it’s function really well, a few months into it now. I am really glad to have found local brand with such competitive design, quality, and value. Highly recommend!

Lovely pebbleleaf

The mat is very soft and excellent quality. Design is also subtle and calming to look at.

the journey

PVC playmat, EVA foam playmat, TPU playmat, cotton playmat or none at all?

As a mum of two, I never thought I needed a playmat. With us constantly on the go and barely home, nursery furniture was never my top priority. The only huge baby items we had were a carseat and a stroller, not even a cot. It was not until my eldest turned 2 and I was expecting my second child when we decided to get a small playmat just so we could place the play gym on it instead of on the mattress to free up some space. Who would have known that this task was way harder than we expected it to be, given that Malaysia has so many baby vendors. We were wrong.




easy clean

Before we set out to search for a playmat, all we wanted was to find one that would protect our children, whether in terms of cushioning falls or bumps or from toxic gases.

Next, we were looking for one that was comfortable and simple. If our children were going to be on it for a long time, it has to be comfortable enough for them to stay on it, and simple enough to allow them to focus on objects placed in front of them and not overstimulate them.

Lastly, easy clean, because spills, pukes, diaper leaks and potty training accidents are going to be inevitable. Environmentally friendly and stylish were plus points. 

After months or search, we found none that fully suited those basic criteria.

Almost every playmat found in Malaysia were made out of either PVC or EVA foam, and they were extremely colourful and fancy. Determined to still have the one playmat that fit all the criteria, we gave up searching and started researching and manufacturing our own. 

the design

Malaysia takes pride in our tropical rainforests that is home to many exotic creatures and plants. The diversity and abundance of greenery is exactly what we wish to feature on our mat. The sage green colour, filled with images of leaves one can find so readily in the rainforests, paired with an alternate design featuring the honeycomb representing the diverse species of stingless bees found in the pristine rainforests of Malaysia. This combination of both a seemingly random arrangement and a more uniform geometric pattern in one mat represents the diversity one can find in our Malaysian rainforest.

The Nature Forest mats come in Dà and Yuán sizes.

tikar by budak

Upon designing the playmat, we envisioned it to be a place of security, fun and exploration, one where relationships are forged and strengthened, and where one learns to be determined and not give up. But first and foremost it has to be one that will give parents the assurance to allow their little ones to roam freely on it. More than just a playmat, tikar by budak will be there to adapt to your ever changing needs in your journey of discovering learning.

Hence, TIKAR by BUDAK, a playmat designed by parents for their little ones.

product features



soft and squishy

absorbs impact for falls and trips


easy to clean



newborn comfort during tummy time

supports growing knees and wrists

functional for the entire family

versatile to suit your ever-changing needs


reversible design

product care

Durability and product longevity are of utmost importance to us when we designed the tikar, and we want you to be able to share the same thoughts too. We believe a good play mat is an investment and with proper care, it will pay for itself in spades, 

giving you and your little one many years of moments and experiences on it. So here are some tips on how to ensure your tikar lasts.  It is really simple.

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