Love Your Neighbours

Together with the launching of our very first product, we would also like to introduce this initiative which we have named it “Neighbours”, where for every 100 play mat sold, we would give a play mat to your nominated “Neighbours”!


Why Neighbours? The word 'neighbour' can be defined or commonly known as someone who stays next door to you or someone next to one another. Yes, neighbour does not necessarily has to be your house neighbours, it could be anyone that you have crossed paths with at the market or someone that have passed by you at the park this morning or someone who have sat beside you in the bus today. Basically anyone around you!


We are blessed to live in a country with great diversity of people, different ethnicity, cultures and faith! Here at BUDAK, while discover learning, we wish to encourage learning by giving beyond cultural differences.


If you know of anyone who is a single parent, anyone who has a special need, or any organisation such as the hospital or the orphanage, anyone you could think of that could really use a good play mat but with limited resources in getting one, you may nominate them as your Neighbours and we will see what we can do. Please drop us an email at on your nomination.

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